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Lift derailment prevention measures

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One kind of lift anti- derailment device includes a mounting plate and the sensor mounting plate on the lift cage or drive , sensor mounting plate , inductive sensors correct frame rails to lift metal components in the lift cage or drive there is a set top device and sensor mounting plate , at the bottom of the lift cage also has a mounting plate and the sensor , the sensor signal output two lines are connected to the control device , the sensor is a proximity switch . The utility model has the top and bottom of the lift has a sensor , the sensor for detecting metal objects in front of it , thereby detecting whether the elevator is still in the range of inner rail , if one sensor is not detected by the rail , there are elevator control system cut off the power supply to avoid lift derailment .

Installation steps and methods

1 , lift the chassis ( base ) to install and Level leveling. Place jack-up platform in place, so that sets of rack uprights centerline coincides with the centerline .

2 , since peace and prosperity will rod mounted on the stage, put the rope . Installation of the first set of columns, sets the standard section into the frame , connected with the base bolts. Adjust Ram orbital plane spacing control within 1985mm, vertical deviation should be ≤ 1.5 ‰.

3 , will enhance the pulley installed two columns placed on top to wear around hoisting rope . The use of self-elevating platform to enhance electric winch . The telescoping card to card firmly recovery position until the bottom of the card with telescopic column flush with the top surface of the first frame , the retractable card board reset, relax hoisting rope , remove the lifting tackle placed on the platform.

4 , the use of the rod section to install a second set of standards must ensure that the first group and the second group in the same vertical line , the deviation is less than 0.5mm joints before tightening the bolts , and then enhance the pulley at the top section of the second set of criteria , put hoisting rope . Installation, fixed ballast beam.

5 , install bracing to strengthen and tighten bolts above items , check the section vertical lifts installed standard deviation , adjusted to meet the requirements.

6 , check the weights ( or placement weights ) connection is reliable . Install winch accordance with the provisions set grounding device .

7 , into the basket, around the well rope, safety devices installed linkage . In this case, the basic installation of lifts ready . The third set of standard section into the basket , elevate the height of the basket to close to the limit , then the third set of standard rod installed festival will enhance the pulley at the top section of the third set of criteria , and then repeat step 6 to enhance the platform.

8 , continued to rise for the first time using the door frame to the required height , good parking lifts installed in the corresponding bracket height can be put into trial operation . When the height of the mast erection rose 6m, should be attached to the first set , after every 3m increase a .

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